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Karl Midholm - Drömminge EP [Fukk God 036]

Published September 22, 2004
Topics Ambient

It's hard to describe this EP without resorting to thev inevitable Kranky references, because Drömminge EP's 12 minutes of melodic drones is obviously related to the soft, dreamy guitar of ambient bands such as Labradford and Stars of the Lid. But Midholm's background in industrial noise shines through from time to time, giving the dreamy soundscapes a sinister and rough edge sometimes lacking in the affor mentioned bands.

Though this is only the second release under his own name, Karl Midholm is by no means a new-comer. Active in the noise/ambient underground as Ovum for many years, Midholm has released a ton of cds, cdrs and cassettes on a multitude of labels around the world.


Reviewer: nickz - - May 21, 2007
Subject: Dromminge EP
Certainly one of the best drone pieces that I've come accross, a highly recommended download. 2 quite different tracks, amazing textures, subtleties and rythymns in both. Downloaded Dromminge close to a year ago now, really blew me away at first and its had many a listen over that time. Midholm's releases under the "Ovum" name are real good too if you dig Dromminge.

This one should be getting hundreds more downloads.
Reviewer: shamefile - - March 28, 2005
Subject: Half good
The first track I really liked, right up there with the best drone ambient Ovum stuff I've heard, but the second track didn't really interest me that much.
Reviewer: screen_name - - January 28, 2005
Subject: dromminge ep
the first track is one of the best soft 'melancholic' ambient songs ive ever heard. track 2 is widely different, almost seems like 2 different artists. great release.
Reviewer: zeromoon - - September 28, 2004
Subject: B-side outshines the A-side
The first track is a nice little bit of looped guitar ambience with a dash of paper crumbling sounds for good measure added at the end. A pleasant track to have in the background during your work day. The flipside held my interest more, a static+decaying loop of shifting greyness. Why waste money on some name band when you can get nice ditties like these for free? LONG LIVE FUKK GOD!